Sandra Dempsey
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Toronto, Canada
With a keen sense of drama and a formidable wit, Sandra Dempsey writes complex plays inhabited by articulate, richly drawn and emotional characters.

Flying To Glory
full-length drama - 2+ F, 8+ M
Boyhood pals embark on the adventure of a lifetime by enlisting in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942.
full-length drama - 2 F, 1 M
All-consuming nuclear war is the new normal, and our worst fears become us. A cautionary tale with the flavour of a Lorca.
Wings To Victory
full-length drama - F, M
Canadian, British and American women fly in the Air Transport Auxiliary in World War II (in progress)
full-length drama - 1 M
1847 - 1868. A passionate dramatization of the life of Thomas D'arcy McGee, Irish patriot and Canadian statesman, assassinated by Irish-American Fenians.
All plays, excerpts and poetry copyright Sandra Dempsey.
Production/performance/publication rights subject to documented permission from, and royalty payment to, the playwright.
Copyright 2017 Sandra Dempsey
Sandra is a popular performance-reader of her works ~ book D'arcy today!
full-length drama - 4 F
A gripping and powerful drama examining sexuality and the moral dilemmas and personal consequences of assisted suicide.
Air Apparent
short drama - 1 F
One of the forgotten, Aisling is losing her grasp on the periphery of society as she struggles with the after-effects of "that September day."
Barbie & Ken
short comedy - 1 F, 1 M
The world's cutest anotomically incorrect couple are proud parents! But something is amiss in parental paradise! Barbie's just back from the delivery room and Ken is in for the shock of his life!
short drama - 1 F
Plunge into the dark world of a young lady forever altered by an overbearing, alcoholic father-on-the-edge, and a mother lacking the courage to fight back. A sober and unforgetable drama.
Uncompromising and vital ~ powerful, compassionate and impassioned.
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