"Flying To Glory is one of the liveliest and most pertinent historical plays ever written in and about Canada." John Murrell

"A fine piece of work and a well written story. Scenes are bang on." John Neal, R.C.A.F. (ret'd)

"Sandra Dempsey's poetic eloquence, wit and impressive knowledge of wartime history, aviation and military idiom combine to make Flying To Glory a poignant, stirring and life-affirming dramatic tribute to the men and women who helped Canada make a valiant contribution to Allied supremecy during the Second World War." Brian Brennan
short drama - 1 F or 1 M
short drama - 1 F
Clap Trap
short comedy - 1 F, 1 M
A Wing And A Prayer
short drama - 1 M
Sent to keep the peace where none exists. The locale is one of those forgotten, politically unappealing places. The order is surely to be horrific - but is it worse to gve or follow?
Rosa has endured a lifetime of abuse and hatred at the hands of her husband. The tale of her sad life's journey makes for a powerful and touching drama.
They're training the boys to fight for their country. Every mothers' sons, learning to fly, learning to die. And if his name isn't on the list of the dead in the newspaper, you can breathe easily for one more day.
(We All Have That Here)
You're one of the chosen. You're training hard to earn your wings. And when your Mom comes to the base, you're red-faced as it is - but she thinks WHAT?!
An incredibly funny family confusion.
A bad aircraft fire has left your face horribly disfigured, and teh air force thinks the sight of you would be bad for morale. Then just when you're at your lowest, a remarkable encounter rekindles your heart.
Rosa's Lament
short drama - 1 F

"Vivid scenes drew us into each character's hopes and fears as we experienced the exhiliaration of Jimmy's first flight... I found myself transported to Alberta of the 1940s" Sherring Amsden

"Judges commented that A Wing And A Prayer was poignant and touching, and it was the unanimous choice to win this competition." Aero Space Museum


"Still More Monologues for Women: 57 selections that collectively represent the freshest and most vibrant assemblage of monologues for women by women now available in the contemporary, fringe, alternative, and international theater (the inclusion of playwrights outside the United States is new)" Barry X. Miller, Library Journal
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