"Invigorating and relevatory. Provoking in the most powerful and positive sense." John Murrell

"It's a very strong and striking piece, which creates and sustains a world very much beyond our experience and does so with conviction and horror." Urjo Kareda

"The storyline, the characters, their situation draws you into the play. The situation is delicious and it keeps you off balance. It is strange, violent and nutty. Intriguing."
Sharon Pollock

"Much like Bob Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall,' Sandra Dempsey has given us a cautionary tale that shows us what can happen in the face of insurmountable odds. However we feel about the choices that her characters make, we are left with the thought that all that we have to hold on to is what we believe in, and when that leaves us, we are indeed lost." Mike Ricci
Officer Drag
short comedy - 1 F, 1 M
Pierre La
short comedy - 1+ F, 1 M
short drama - 1 F, 2 M
Pee Pipe
short comedy - 1 F, 1 M
Muggings are up in the city, and they need a policeman to go under-cover. But when he/"she" meets up with gorgeous Melanie, the results are outrageous!
An Aussie in the snows of Canada's winter, thousands of miles from Down Under, trying to learn to fly in the war effort. But right now, it's the battle of two cultures as you try to get a handle on the local lingo and explain yourself!
He's a looker, he's a smooth, suave talker. And he's... French!? Oo-la-la! How the women will flock to him! He'll sweep them off their feet; he'll drive them all wild! And what is the secret to his success? But of course... a great accent!
A heart-wrenching encounter between a NATO soldier, an Afghani woman and her dying baby, and the Afghani doctor trying in vain to save the tiny girl's life.
You're learning to fly, training to fight for your country. But at 1,000 feet, ya gotta go! What's a flyboy to do? Bail out? Make a cumulus pit-stop? Nope. They never dealt with this in flight school. Look out below!
Fat Cans
short comedy - 1 F, 1 M

“A sober and unforgettable drama.” David Burton

“Wow! Talk about chilling. When the actress took a sip from a small bottle of Jack Daniels at the end of the play, the audience gasped. Great piece!” Kathleen King
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Toronto, Canada
Fat Cans
Sandra Dempsey
A comedy duet
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